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As Licensed Massage Therapists in Illinois, we use a wide variety of systems and methods to help reduce or relieve stress and pain. While the different systems of therapeutic massage incorporate different methodologies, philosophies, and theories the basic goals are the same. As a result, we feel that it is not as important to focus on a particular system but to focus on the individual.

At to the Knot, we customize our professional therapeutic massage services to the individual at a specific time for the specific session.

Our fundamental question is “How can I help?”


The results of stress and tension affect the soft tissue and structural alignment of the body causing various levels of physical tightness, tension, and pain. Muscle knots, or knots, are old schools term that reflect the source of what happens to soft tissue and structural alignment. Massage therapy delivered by To The Knot in the comfort of your own home is our way of going to the source to help relieve your stress and pain.

We offer massage in Illinois including Joliet, Orland Park and New Lenox.

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Customized Massage with a Focus on Relaxation & Pain Relief


Each Therapist uses their own unique style of soft tissue techniques and methodologies

Customization comes from:

Adjusting levels of pressure
A full body massage or focus on a specific area of the body, particularly for pain relief
Lotion or Oil – or – Clothes on
By adding movement therapy, assisted stretching, or energy balancing
Add-on services such as aromatherapy, cupping or hot stones
Education such as self-care, partner massage



Professional Massage Services?2020-09-25T09:22:26-05:00

To The Knot is a professional mobile massage service provider. We deliver massage to your home or place of business. We provide professional massage services for those who are 18 years or older.

How does it work?2020-10-15T12:12:42-05:00

We arrive at the client’s location within 15 minutes of the start time to set up. We bring our professional heated massage tables, linens, massage lotion, essential oils, and music. We offer essential oil infusion in the massage lotion at no charge.

Communication is key.
Prior to the session, we will ask you questions to determine your goals, needs, and expectations for the massage. Whether you are looking to relax, relieve your pain, or both we will always do our absolute best for you.

We are pet friendly.
If your pet wants to hang out with you during your massage they are welcome to do so


Please contact us for pricing

Where are you based?2020-11-24T09:20:48-06:00

We are based near Chicago, Illinois but we come to your home, if you’re within a 30 mile radius.

Therapeutic Taiji

by Robert

Taiji is the foundation of all my therapeutic knowledge & services. After 6 years of formal study of Hunyuan Taiji, I learned that there was more to taiji then slow-moving dance routines. Taiji’s traditional primary purpose is to develop martial skills and/or healing skills. After those 6 years of study, I realized my primary interest was the healing skills. At the time I didn’t know anyone specifically who taught taiji healing skills so I began my formal studies of the therapeutic arts.

The creator of Hunyuan Taiji said that taiji was the best aspect of at least 18 different martial arts. Taking that as my starting point I explored the therapeutic arts. In my studies and analysis of taiji and the therapeutic arts I have heard comments such as “Taiji is the best form of medicine” and “you should learn taiji it will improve your therapeutic art” yet no one ever seems to explain how or why.

The end result was I took it upon myself to find how the how and why. Therapeutic Taiji is my personal insight into taiji and the therapeutic arts. Therapeutic Taiji includes active relaxation training, training in taiji movements and stances (specifically the 13 skills—shi san shi), assisted movement/stretching, training/instruction in customized self-care and/or partner massage and energy balancing.

At this point in my journey, my intent is to share, discuss and consult through writing, video, education my insights & skills of taiji and the therapeutic arts to help people reduce or relieve their stress and pain. I also intend to teach other professionals, work on collaborative projects, and to create a network, called Taiji Sangha, of professionals to help share their knowledge and skills.

The Purpose of Our Blog

– share and discuss the benefits of therapeutic massage, therapeutic movement, & energy balancing
– share and discuss information about systems
– techniques, methodologies, & treatment protocols
– to answer questions


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